Welcome, and thank you!

First off, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this post. However you came, you are most welcome to participate, discuss, and call me out for my viewpoints. I would like to see this as a place where conservatives and liberals can come together and explain what it means to be a human being. We’ll talk about hot topics, such as abortion and guns, but I would also like to use this platform as a way to talk about new ideas and techniques of thinking about the self. This site is still under construction, I am currently working on getting a Disqus-like system for our conversations (something that will protect anonymity but still be able to hide or remove the spam we have all grown to love on the internet).

Why secret conservative?

So, the question is who am I and why am I secretive. It won’t take long to figure out who I am online, but if I can help it, I will try to keep my anonymity. One day it will be busted, and hopefully, by then, I can live with that reality. For now, I work in an industry that is very left-leaning, and I would like to keep my job for now (gotta make that money, honey)!

What does this mean for you? It means you, as my reader, will get my full thought process. I will promise not to soften blows, lessen my meanings, or be dishonest to you or myself. That’s my pledge, and I will keep it.

What next?

I will be posting once a week. Some lengthy posts about three topics:

  1. Political talk (e.g., abortion, guns, healthcare)
  2. In-depth discussion (e.g., what is life, how do we communicate, what it means to be free)
  3. Solution talk (e.g., how do we work with people who have low cognitive abilities, how can we balance security and humanity)

I won’t shy away from any topics and will also open up the floor for discussion. Again, I am in the market for a useful discussion mechanism that we can all use, so if you know of any please email me so I can evaluate this.


  1. Although there will be a lot of opinions, I will not make unsubstantiated claims. If I can source it, I will source it.
  2. I will stay civil in discourse with you all.
  3. Eventually, I will get fellow writers. With that said, they will be vetted (no alt-right or Antifa).
  4. We will be open to any ideas, once we get a discussion framework in.
  5. I will promise to review the new information, analyze how it is relevant, and if I am wrong, I will admit I am wrong.


Thank you again for joining me on this journey. This was just a short introduction to get me up and running. The posts will come up Sunday nights. For now, I will make sure I write weekly, sourcing where I can, and making sure my sources aren’t from either right- or left-leaning news sources. We’ll see where this goes!

Yours in anonymity,

A Secret Conservative